Sunshowers, if you are not familiar, are typically when a dark grey cloud is fixed squarely just above your head blessing you with a brisk shower while crisp blue skies are ahead with the sun peering into your eyes just over yonder. The great thing about a sunshower is that it can make you feel special, as if this cloud is just for you. At the same time, you can see the hope of sunshine off in the distance. Things can only improve from here.

The other day I forgot to bring my raincape on my commute. I didn’t think much of it because the forecast called for clear skies. This was a mistake. Never leave home without some rain gear during a tumultuous Northwest spring. It was a bit windy sending the the clouds whizzing by high in the sky. So I thought I would be good for my ride home. Second mistake. As I committed to the beginning of my bike commute, an invasive cloud parked itself along the Burke-Gilman Trail and proceeded to shower cold prickly raindrops that penetrated through my jeans, gloves, and puffy coat. By the time I got home, I was drenched. The worst part was that I could see the yellowish sunbeams and blue skies in my periphery for the duration of my ride. A sunshower at its best.

While a Northwest spring can pose unexpected challenges, spring is a great time to think and plan for a summer of riding if you are dreaming of getting back into the saddle. You’re already on the couch with your soft pants, blanket, snacks, and laptop. Why not do a little research to prepare for the height of cycling season before it’s in full swing? If breathing in the summer air from your bike is circling through your mind then don’t wait until July when the bike shops are packed, and you don’t have a thing to wear or any idea of where to go.

Before you run out to REI for all of the bike things, a good place to start is to imagine what your cycling fantasy is for the summer. And you can do this from the comfort of your own couch. What sort of cycling interests you?

  1. Work commute,
  2. Scenic countryside holiday,
  3. Wednesday night brewery crawl,
  4. Beach cruising,
  5. Adventure camping,
  6. Crosscyling,
  7. Ego boosting STP,
  8. Leisurely family ride along the boardwalk,
  9. Tandem twinsies with the Bae,
  10. Pellaton team building with the partners,
  11. BMX the mountain, or
  12. The just-say-fuck-it: sell all of your shit, load up the bike, and travel the world!

Whatever your bike fancy, find your bike purpose and this will drive any bike purchase/updates, apparel, and trip planning required for your cycling excursion.

What is your summer cycling dream?