Top five reasons to ride a bike

Great bike ideas

It’s no secret, my ulterior motive for this site is to get you all to ride bikes because I’m selfish, and I know that if everyone rode bikes rather than cruising around in misery tanks then we would all be better off.  So I present to you my top five reasons to ride bikes and why.

5. It’s good for planet Earth

Well, it might be good for other planets too, but let’s stick to this one for now. This should be the number one reason, but it’s the least persuasive because, let's face it, the planet's been here my entire life, and it's not going anywhere.  Bikes are good for the planet because more bikes mean fewer cars, fewer cars mean less pollution, and less pollution means a better environment for the planet where my lungs, skin and hair reside.  A healthier planet means a healthier me.

4. It’s good for my health

My doctor agrees with me and she knows many health things.  Riding a bike is good exercise where I get to breathe deeply and take in my surroundings every day.  Also, see reason number five.

3. It’s a non-drowsy solution to road rage

Driving in Seattle can be the most frustrating experience from bottlenecks at bridges that go up and down to the cluster fuck around freeway entrances, sitting in a car staring at stupid bumper stickers makes me want to scream.  While driving in traffic my mood often swings from seething rage to mind-numbing boredom; I can only listen to so many podcasts.  Seriously, there is no boredom, rage, texting or sleeping while riding a bike.

2. It’s super fun

It’s so gosh darn fun. Does anyone need any other reason to do something every day other than it’s fun?

1. It’s raining outside

Because when’s the last time you danced in the rain like in that old black and white movie with that white guy singing, what was it called?  Also, the rain is moist which is good for my hair and skin; I'm an old woman so I need all of the hydration I can get.


So here's why I ride bikes, why do you ride?

Blogging about bikes and rain

This blog is about rain and bikes, sort of, for the most part. I guess, like a painting, the purpose of this site will unfold as times goes on. But to start here’s my intent:

Me on my bike in the dewy Pacific Northwest

Me on my bike in the dewy Pacific Northwest

I want everyone to ride bikes, or something analogous to bikes, like roller skates, skateboards, shoes on sidewalks, butts in public transport, unicycles, hover-boards, scooters, heelys, or the like.

I want every human to ride bikes because more bikes means less cars, car emissions, and road rage.  

I want every human to ride bikes because it makes for a happier, healthier, and safer society.  

However, I understand that there are significant hurdles to overcome so that we can incorporate a bikes in our everyday lives.

I’ve been pushing my bike pedals to work for the past five years and have overcome several of these hurdles that I will share with you in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. I ride my bike all year round in the dewy Pacific Northwest and every day I ride, I get at least one question on how I accomplished this sheroic feat.

The most common question being “but what about the rain?” I’ve already blogged on this rain bike conundrum for the Seattle Bike Blog, But it’s raining outside, and I have many more tidbits to share on the rain and other bike challenges.

I want to make this a conversation. I hope that these posts will encourage you to comment, question, and share your bike stories.